Craft Hemp Prerolls



Available in 3 varieties


Special Sauce | Lifter | Suver Haze


1 Gram Each

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Craft Hemp Prerolls


1 Gram Each


Available in 3 Varieties


Special Sauce | Lifter | Suver Haze

All of our Craft Hemp Prerolls are handmade from our Craft Hemp Flower and the trim from those flowers at a ratio of 80:20 Flower to Trim. We pride ourselves on growing our hemp organically without any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Once harvested, our flower is slowly dried in a climate-controlled room for 10-14 days. After properly dried, we hand-trim the flowers to preserve as many trichomes as possible. Finally, after the flowers are hand-trimmed, we cure the flowers for a minimum of 6 weeks for optimal quality and flavor.

All of our hemp varieties are Oregon CBD genetics. We choose to grow Oregon CBD genetics due to the high terpene profiles their varieties were bred for. We are pleased with the results and we are sure you will be as well.

The 3 varieties we offer in prerolls are also available in Craft Hemp Flower, just click the link below.

Special Sauce | Lifter | Suver Haze

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Special Sauce | Lifter | Suver Haze

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Special Sauce, Lifter, Suver Haze, Baby Js Variety Pack


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